How It Works


When you book an appointment, you'll receive a questionnaire to fill out, which will tell me what your needs, style, & budget are. You'll upload a sketch of your space, along with photos or a 360-degree video. 

During your virtual appointment via Zoom, we'll discuss the details of your project and answer any questions.


Within 3 days, you'll receive various 2D Layout options for your space.  Once you select a layout, I'll create a design within 4 days that fit your needs, style, & budget.  I'll communicate with you via email throughout the entire process.


Depending on the package you purchase, you will receive the following:

- 2D Layout Options
- Moodboard
- Shopping List
- Cost Estimate

- 3D Renderings
- 3D Walkthrough Video
- Paint/Flooring to Purchase


If you purchased a 3D Premium or Complete Design package, you will have the option to schedule another appointment with me, and I will present your design over Zoom.


If you purchased a Essentials, 3D Premium, or Complete Design package, I will guide you throughout the entire purchasing and furnishing process. If anything goes out of stock or is delayed, I can suggest alternatives. I am available to answer any questions to ensure your project runs smoothly!


With a 3D Premium or Complete Design Package, you'll get to visualize your space with realistic renderings.

dorado video.jpg

You'll also get a video of the entire space, as if you are physically walking through it.

  • My services are affordable and at a flat rate (packages start at $55!)

  • My services are fast (you'll get your design within 2 weeks!)

  • I respond to questions and comments swiftly (usually within 2 hours)

  • I'll work with you until you are 100% happy with the design

  • When you purchase an Essentials, 3D Premium, or Complete Design package, you get ongoing support throughout the purchasing and furnishing process

  • You'll also get free, future consultations for as long as our design is in place (for example, I can suggest replacement items that will work in your design)

  • Everything is done virtually via e-mail or phone!