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Living/Dining/Entryway Area -
Mid-Century Modern/Bohemian

September 2022 - Premium Styling Package

Room: Open Living/Dining/Entryway Area

Style: Mid-Century Modern/Bohemian

Function: Lounging, watching TV, entertaining large groups, dining

Needs: Keep black leather sofa and hexagonal shelving.  Maximize use of small space for entertaining, watching TV, and dining.  Improve functionality of entire space.  Minimize view of bike.

What we did: Removed second sofa by entrance and converted that area to an extended entryway.  Provided swivel counter stools so that people can dine or converse with people in the living area.  Provided swivel accent chair to allow conversing between the main living area and bench in the entryway.  Added tall bookcases to partially conceal bike and add additional storage.

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